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Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Cleaning

Happy Spring Everyone!! 5 parts of your body that may need some cleaning up!

  1. Clean out your eyes. Start seeing the beauty in life. Pay attention to your surroundings with open eyes. You will be surprised about all of the beauty around you that you never even noticed before.
  2. Clean out your mind. Replace negative thinking with the truth. Stop thinking about how bad the world is and focus on the good.
  3. Clean out your mouth. Watch what you say! Start building up others and speak truth in love.
  4. Clean out your stomach. Stop poisoning your temple with unhealthy foods. A good detox is a great way to start a new healthy eating plan
  5. Clean out your heart. Forgive EVERYONE for EVERYTHING. This is not an option or a suggestion, it's a must!



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ROCKAFRO is dedicated to those who have natural hair. We are here to assist those who want to transition to natural hair. We specialize in braids, twists, and other styles and show ways that can keep the natural hair healthy. Whether you are just starting on your journey to natural hair or a seasoned natural wearer we have the styles and suggestions for you.

The number of women transitioning  from chemically processed hair to natural hair is increasing at a phenomenal pace.  An overwhelming number of these newcomers do not haa.jpgve the tools or resources to style and maintain their hair.  Rockafro will provide clients with superb styling and also educate them in maintenance.                            

                                             "The David Blaine of Natural Hairstyles!"
                                                                               -Ayana Giles

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Kamona Roberson -Owner

About the Owner
As the owner and stylist of the business, Kamona offers over 20 years experience in natural hair care and styling, and will provide an alternative method to styling without using the harsh and damaging chemicals being used by many other salons.


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